Strong To the Core

Strong to the core

A strong and flexible core is vital in maintaining your body’s function and form. Not only does your core support and assist your upper and lower body to dynamically lift, bend and move, but it also forms the walls that protect your organs and central nervous system. While that may be reason enough to get ‘strong to the core’, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to have a washboard stomach as well?!

Not all core exercises are created equal

There are literally hundreds of exercises you can do for your core, but there is only one Core Spinal Fitness System. Unique, patented and proven, the Core Spinal Fitness System by Medx is a complete workout system designed to target, isolate, and strengthen your deep core spinal muscles. Focusing on the four key areas essential to core spinal fitness, strength, stability, flexibility and endurance, The Core is Smart Training at its best.

So no sit-ups or crunches?

The Core Spinal Fitness System is a series of five bio-mechanically precise exercise machines. Each machine is revolutionary and allows you to move and stretch to new lengths. The Abdominal Isolator, Core Lumbar, Core Torso Rotation and 4-Way Neck isolate the waistline, lumbar spine and neck muscle and the Super Stretch is just that—super! By facilitating spinal decompression, the Super Stretch is key to spinal health and injury prevention. Better still, it will make you feel taller!

Find your inner strength

The Core Spinal Fitness System is for everyone—it can relieve pain, restore function, and it has been proven to reduce the need for surgery. The Core can improve your golf, cricket and tennis game, it can make your time in the garden less of a chore, and nurses and builders will work with ease thanks to The Core. Let’s face it, everyone wants to move better, feel better, prevent injuries and have a strong and confident posture!

So… ready to give your core the attention it deserves?

Core sessions at Workout are short so you can easily fit it in with our other Smart Training programs. The big upshot is you don’t have to wait for results… you will walk taller, have better posture and feel positive results from the very first session. So what are you waiting for? Start the Core Spinal Fitness System today and experience the exercise you won’t want to live without.


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