Grey Matters

Starting at a gym post 50

It’s never too late to experience the life-changing benefits that regular exercise can offer. As we age the reasons why we exercise evolve. Managing the symptoms of illness or pain, maintaining independence, and reducing the likelihood and severity of age-related health conditions take forced priority. At this time, establishing a regular exercise routine is more important than ever. Regular exercise boosts your energy, improves your mood and keeps you feeling fit and looking toned.

At Workout, many of our members start exercising with us post 50. They realise that their daily walk is no longer enough and are eager to keep coming back to improve their overall body, mindset and memory. Regular exercise can reverse the symptoms of your body ageing and there is no better feeling than that!

Exercise really is the best anti-agEing remedy

The most overlooked aspect of the ageing process, by far, is the gradual change in our body composition. This process starts earlier than many realise—from age thirty both men and women start to lose muscle; by fifty the impact of this muscle loss has well and truly set in. Muscle loss begins a domino effect, causing both our physical appearance and well-being to change. By becoming less active in our daily life, we also become weaker, but this doesn’t have to be the case. There is a simple fix and, at Workout, we have the answer…

Stronger than yesterday with our HIT Line

No matter your age, you can regain lost muscle by doing regular strength training. Reclaim your strength, preserve the density of your bones and improve your metabolism in just 20 minutes, twice a week with our HIT Line Smart Training System. The HIT Line is easy to learn and offers high levels of supervision. Our caring and qualified coaching staff are alongside you while you workout, checking your technique, offering encouragement, and promising a lot of fun, smiles and laughter along the way!

Is the HIT Line all I need to do?

It is certainly the most important exercise choice you can make right now and the best place to start. Depending on your individual needs, your program at Workout would develop to also include fitness, flexibility and balance as these are very beneficial activities for people over 50.

For more information on our HIT Line go to our Live Life Strong page.