Fair Booking Policy

Need to know for attending classes at Workout:

  • Bookings are required for all classes, and can be done via our App (click here to download our app) or Member Portal (click here).
  • You can book 8 days in advance for classes.
  • If a class is full you can still select to book into the waitlist for that class. If a spot in the class becomes available, you will be automatically booked in and notified via email and sms confirming your booking.

Booking Limits and Hot Classes

  • Some classes are marked with a flame symbol (?). These classes are called HOT classes meaning they are super popular. HOT classes have a limit of 4 future bookings, including waitlisted bookings *.
  • If you try to book more than 4 future HOT classes you will receive a message saying “Global Booking Limit exceeded”.
  • There is no limit to future regular class bookings.

*Please note that a late cancellation/no-show fee applies to all HOT classes (headed below).

Cancellation Period for classes

  • The cancellation notice period for all classes is 1 hour. If you are unable to attend your class, we kindly ask that you cancel via the App or Member Portal outside the 1-hour cancellation window.
  • If you are booked in for an early morning class, we kindly ask you to cancel by 7pm the night before. This will allow members who are on the waitlist to receive notice the night before.

Late Cancellation/No-show fee for ‘HOT’ classes

  • Due to the popularity of our HOT Classes, if you cancel within 1 hour of your class commencing, or do not show for your class, you will be charged an automatic late cancellation/no-show fee of $7.50. An automatic email will be sent to you the day after you missed your class so you are informed. Late cancellation/no-show fees will be deducted alongside your fortnightly membership.
  • It is important you check into the club using your access fob or key tag as this step also registers your attendance into your booked class. If you do not have your access fob or key tag, please see the front desk staff to sign you into your class. This will avoid being registered as a ‘no-show’ for your class.

Class Booking FAQ’s