Get FIT with fit

Whether it’s playing with your children at the park, walking the dog, or running to catch the bus, being fit makes everyday life so much easier.

Regular fitness training helps your body function better. It is a key ingredient for staying in a healthy weight range, which in turn works to keep heart disease, diabetes, and many other health conditions at bay.

A little huff and puff goes a long way on the FIT Line!

Short of time? Our FIT Line is the ideal workout for a busy lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to squeeze in a workout between appointments, or to simply trim up fast for that special occasion, the FIT Line will help you achieve results in record time. The FIT Line is quick and fun, and all it takes is 10 minutes!

Did you say 10 minutes?

That’s right, you’re only 10 minutes away from a leaner, fitter you!

The concept behind our FIT Line is simple and proven— ten easy-to-do exercises, performed one after another with a rest in between. The exercises in the FIT Line are sequential and switch between core and upper and lower body movements. This ensures that your body stays busy pumping blood up and down for the whole 10 minutes, and it also allows active recovery to take place. Exercising on the FIT Line is enjoyable, effective, and, the best thing? Your FIT Line workout will continue burning calories every hour, up to 24 hours after you’ve finished!

The FIT Line is a big fat burner!

The FIT Line is easy to do and start. Your first session is one-on-one and you’ll always train at your own level. The biggest benefit is that you’ll notice fat burning and improved fitness immediately. That means that once you start seeing your fat-loss results (without having to sweat it out for hours) you’ll never have to look back—just 10 minutes, whenever you can ‘FIT’ it in!

So, are you ready?