Martial Arts Class with Adam

Are you ready Rocky? Learn all the moves in this full body session with Adam.

HIIT Workout with Victoria

Join Victoria as she smiles and sweats her way through a 20-minute HIIT class. Truth – Victoria never breaks a sweat!

Hi-Low Tabata with Jacinta and Victoria

Burn 200 calories in 20 minutes in this fun cardio blast with Jacinta and Victoria.

Low Impact with pizazz with Janene

Janene is back with her 3rd cardio dance jam. Let loose, have fun and get your heart rate pumping!

8 Minute Fitness Circuit with Meg

Short and sweat! Meg brings it again with another cardio and core fitness circuit!

Freestyle Fun with Jacinta

Let loose, sweat and have a laugh in this fun class with our beloved Jacinta.

Sports Inspired Cardio with Meg

Get fit and have fun with Meg in this upbeat, sports inspired cardio workout.

Virtual Fit-line with Meg

Meg’s ‘do-at-home’ version of the Fit-Line – no equipment necessary.