Mat Pilates

Outside the box with Melba

A reformer like Pilates workout with Melba & Dolly. All you need to do is make a quick (cheap) trip to Bunnings.

Mat Pilates and Meditation Breathing with Tracy

The best of both worlds with Tracy. A punchy, body-weight Pilates workout, followed by a calming meditation.

Tennis Ball Releases with Melba

Join Melba in this series of tennis ball releases to help you move better.

Hard Core with Melba

Go hard core with Melba‚Ķ but don’t worry, if this puts you off, Melba offers less challenging options too.

Mat Pilates with Adam

Missing Adam? Join him now on the mat for a Pilates workout where you will feel some heat and build buttocks of steel.

Mat Pilates with Tracy 2

Feel the Tracy love in a Mat Pilates class that explores mindful movement and breath.

Mat Pilates with Tracy

Limber up and get some exercise with Tracy and imagine you are in a class with your favourite people.

Mat Pilates with Melba 2

Get your Melba fix and keep your Mat Pilates practice active and thriving.

Mat Pilates with Melba

A condensed Mat Pilates class with Melba – our Pilates superstar.