Plank-Push-Up Challenge with Meg

For those who love a fun and quick 3 minute plank-push-up challenge!

Dom’s 25 Push-ups for 25 Days Challenge

Pick your start day and do 25 push-ups with Dom – every day – for 25 days!

Strength Training with Bec

Feel the burn in this twenty minute total body strength workout with Bec.

Strength at home with Julia

Connect with Julia in this circuit based workout, focused on strength to keep your body toned and strong.

Kyle’s Killer Leg Workout

He’s got legs and knows how to use them! Have fun with Kyle, doing Kyle!

Gerry’s 15 Min Strength Workout

Gerry will give you all the tools to achieve a time effective, dynamic control session.

Gerry’s Full Body Strength Routine

Experience a PT session with Gerry – simple, basic strength moves, tailored for all levels.

Strength and Balance with João

A dynamic workout with João focusing on strength and balance.