Yoga Mind and Body

Relaxed Yoga with Neil

Bring body and mind into harmony in this calming yoga class set to music.

Strong Yoga with Neil

Neil shows us how amazing he is in this invigorating 25 minute yoga class to music.

Grounding Yoga with Tanya

Benefit from this gentle and grounding yoga session including breathing at the beginning and end for a nice calming class. This class can also be done before Tanya’s Sun Salute Flow.

Sun Salute Flow with Tanya

Promote blood flow and warmth through the body in this energising Sun Salute flow with Tanya.

Yoga with Tanya

Join Tanya as you move a little, stretch a little and come back into your body.

Yoga with Nadia 2

Release and restore in a powerful yoga flow with Nadia.

Yoga with Nadia

Join Nadia as she leads you through a strong and active yoga class with level options.

Yoga with Neil 3

Connect body, mind and breath as an aid to keeping us in tune during these difficult times.

Yoga with Neil 2

Explore further with Neil, the capabilities of mind, awareness and breath.

Yoga with Neil

Join Neil from your home and keep your yoga practice active.