Do I have to be a member to do Pilates at Workout?

You can attend our Mat Pilates and Group Reformer classes as a casual visitor. Keep in mind, to experience the best benefits from your Pilates, consistent practice is important. Being a Workout member is unbeatable value if you plan to attend the ...

Can I try a Pilates class before I join?

Absolutely! We offer a free trial visit to your first Mat Pilates class. If you would like to try a Group Reformer Class (GRC) before you join, simply pay the casual visit rate. If you decide to join us after your GRC class we will take the casual...

Is Pilates included in Workout membership?

Yes, whether it’s Mat Pilates or Group Reformer classes (or any of the other classes on the timetable!), it’s all included in your membership.

I have never done Pilates before. Which class is best to start in?

As a new participant you can start in either the Mat Pilates or the Group Reformer Class. Please make sure you arrive early for class so you can meet your instructor and familiarise yourself with the studio and equipment. If you are a little nervo...

What do I wear and do I need to bring a towel and mat?

Wear clothing that is comfortable and doesn’t restrict movement. If you wear shorts make sure they are fitting around the leg rather than a running style short. Pilates grip socks are compulsory in Group Reformer classes (available for purchase at...

I have more questions who is it best to speak to?

You can call us on 3378 8950 or pop in for a tour. We'd love to answer all your questions and help you get started.

What does GRC refer to?

GRC is short for Group Reformer Class – we just find it a little easier to say!

What is the difference between Mat Pilates and GRC?

GRC is done on a large spring-loaded piece of Pilates equipment while Mat Pilates involves the use of body weight and small apparatus such as stretch bands and Pilates Magic Toners. Both GRC and Mat Pilates will help you to achieve your Pilates go...

Are Pilates private sessions available?

Yes, we offer Private Pilates appointments with our brilliant Pilates Instructors. Please see the Front Desk for more information or register your interest here

How often should I attend Pilates?

Attending GRC 2-3 times per week will ensure you achieve your Pilates goals. However, once a week is still good, particularly if you are also doing Mat Pilates and strength and fitness training.

If I am running late can I still join in?

Mat Pilates and GRC begin with a warm up. If you are late to your class then you may not be able to participate.

Do I need to book in for Mat Pilates?

No it is not necessary to book in for Mat Pilates, but you do have to book in for GRC.

How do I book in for GRC?

We definitely recommend pre-booking your GRC online. You can do this at workout.net.au up to 7 days in advance (please note, a small booking fee applies for this service). If you prefer not to pre-book then you must collect a ticket from the Ticke...

How do I book in for Pilates private sessions?

If you would like to book in for private sessions please call us on 3378 8950 or register your interest here

I am pregnant can I do Mat Pilates and GRC?

If your pregnancy is not complicated and your doctor has given you the all-clear to exercise then you can do Mat Pilates and GRC during the first trimester. Please ensure you keep your instructor updated each week with how far along you are. Pilat...

I am trying to fall pregnant can I do Mat Pilates and GRC?

Doing Mat Pilates and GRC while trying to fall pregnant is fine, but if you’re undergoing fertility treatments then check with your doctor first.

I am 6 weeks post pregnancy can I do Mat Pilates and GRC?

If you have had your 6 weeks postnatal check-up and your doctor has given you the all-clear then you can do Mat Pilates and GRC. Please make sure you talk to your instructor before your first class as they may need to advise you of some exercise m...

Can I still do Mat Pilates and GRC if I have an injury?

It really depends on your injury. Mat Pilates and GRC are not specifically designed for rehabilitation but they certainly can aid rehabilitation following a non-acute or minor injury. In this case, please make sure you inform your instructor first...

Do I need to be fit and strong to do GRC?

GRC is a great way to start an exercise regime. You don’t have to be fit or strong to start as spring assistance and resistance can be varied to suit your level. All GRC classes are layered, so you’ll only ever have to work at your own skill-leve...

I am fit and strong will Mat Pilates and GRC benefit me?

Yes, yes, yes! GRC is a great adjunct to the rest of your training. The reformer allows people to increase the challenge of their Pilates workout because of the tensioning of the springs and the inherent instability of the moving carriage. GRC rei...